Tedde Twetman


when: 2020

what: concept, 3d design, illustrations & manufacturing

Höjdare is a Swedish word for something that is high up but can also be used for someone who is a big shot, ideal for all the writers out there who wants to get their name up. Literally and figuratively.
The project, originally called HighWriter, was born out of the desire to be able to reach higher without the need of a ladder. Höjdare is only the spray mechanism so in order to use it one must solve how to attach the spray can to the stick (or something else?). However, the solution might be as easy as gaffers tape on a broom shaft or more elaborate such as a bike water bottle holder riveted to a small tube which perfectly slides on to the top of a paint roller extension pole.

Höjdare should work with all standard type caps and it is tested with cans from Montana Cans, Montana Colors (MTN), Loop (400ml & 600ml) and Flame.

If you would like to 3d-print Höjdare yourself* just send me an e-mail!
*Additional assembly required