Tedde Twetman

House for sale

when: 2022

where: OpenArt 2022, Örebro, Sweden

material: Wood, real estate agent signs

”Twetman’s little house stands in stark contrast to the strikingly large villas on the other side of the Svartån River. The house is made of those real estate signs that we all encounter on an almost daily basis, but which mean different things depending on who sees them. Many people, especially younger ones, have a hard time coming up with the money to buy their own houses when the prices go up and the bidding wars begin. The estate agent sign becomes a constant reminder of something unattainable.”

House for sale was created for OpenArt biennale but was also the culmination of more than five years of collecting real estate agent signs; each and every sign seen on the house has been taken from the streets of towns all over Sweden where they were being used to display houses and apartments for sale. I’m quite happy I don’t need to look at the realtors’ maps over houses for sale when I’m going for a walk any more..!